We offer Softskill Training in the following areas:

Social Connection
Emotional intelligence
Corporate Writing
Sales Pitch

Here’s a brief of each area:

Effective Presentation Delivery:

Are you in the business of speaking to an audience? Teacher, Trainer, Pastor, Presenter, Speaker or Salesman? Then you need to hear this: Research says “without adequate connections, people easily forget what they hear; 66% of what they hear at a seminar, sermon or speech is forgotten within 24 hours, and almost 80% within 30 days.”

Think about that: what’s the point of putting so much effort into that presentation if your audience isn’t really paying attention? Or worse, if in just 1 month they may forget a staggering 80% of what you’ll say? Why not learn the art of making your words unforgettable?



It’s said, “to connect with someone’s mind you first have to connect with their hearts”. This is so important. Either you are a teacher, salesman or leader, you need to first connect with the hearts of your students before they give you their minds, move your prospect’s hearts before they give you their money, touch the hearts of the people before they submit to your leadership.


Emotional Intelligence:

To truly connect with others, you first have to connect with yourself. How aware are you of your emotions, how well do you manage them? Do they control you or you control them? When you learn to manage your emotions it’s easier to manage that of others. And simply put, that’s the heart of emotional intelligence: learning to more effectively manage your emotions and that of others.




Are you in the business of mentoring others? Are you a teacher, youth leader, pastor or parent? Then counseling is one life skill you can’t do without. Are you bothered that your youth don’t often open up to you or share their deep concerns with you? Or do you feel handicapped on how to respond when they do share? Then you need to learn the art of counseling.

Self Leadership

There are so many fine training and books on leadership, with regards to “leading others”. But little, when it comes to leading yourself. But here’s the problem, “how can you effectively lead others if you don’t learn to effectively lead yourself first?” And this is exactly what this training deals with.

Corporate Writing

Do you struggle with writing reports, proposals, business emails or perhaps creating your CV/Resume?



Do your written adverts connect with your market? Do you have the right words with which to sell your products and services? Do you know how to create a compelling message for your adverts and social media campaigns?

Sales Pitch:

Do you know how to verbally communicate your business in a way that concisely captures what you do, creates interest and connects with your market?